About Us

Bluecastle Lending LLC services the State of Florida, with the primary objective to deliver the most affordable settlement charges in combination with the lowest rates in the market at little or no cost to the borrower. As a full-service brokerage firm, Bluecastle offers instant pre-approvals, immediate pricing and loan estimates, easy document submission, super fast processing, and 24-hour underwriting decisions with timely closings.

Bluecastle Lending offers a wide variety of products including FHA, VA, Conforming Loans and Jumbo loans. For those borrowers who have specialized needs, we offer loans for Non-Warrantable Condos, Subprime, Self Employed and Real Estate Investor loans. Additionally, we also offer Commercial loans.

We are located at 12514 W. Atlantic Blvd. Coral Springs, FL 33071. Bluecastle Lending NMLS# is 1463069

Alex Baglioni

Founder & CEO - NMLS 1405103

My goal is for Bluecastle Lending to offer the lowest interest rates and settlement charges in the nation, program and develop new software tools to aid borrowers and real estate agents get answers on the spot with the ultimate objective of delivering the best possible consumer, realtor, loan originator and loan processing experience. This Summer 2018, Instant PQ and Qualmore will be released. Instant PQ qualifies you 24/7 without needing any sensitive information (like social security numbers, date of birth, etc) and Qualmore analyzes the results of your prequalification and tells you how you could acquire a higher borrowing power. The software has been three years in the making and will be a total novelty in the industry. It will also be free. What can I tell you about me? Other than living and breathing mortgage financing and the programming of this software, I am married with 3 kids, and I enjoy my family,  boating, diving, and you can find us almost every weekend in the Florida Keys!
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Rafael Montero

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator - NMLS 5630

Having been in the mortgage industry since 1998, my primary objective is to provide a great customer service, support and fast turn around to close on time every time. I have worked for companies like Chase Mortgage, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Mortgage, SunTrust Mortgage, American Home Mortgage and many brokers through my career in the industry. This experience allows me to help my clients, my team members, and my realtors to make a more knowledgeable decision when it comes to the mortgage process. I am here to serve you all your mortgage needs from Residential, Commercial, Hard Money/Private mortgage etc. My passion is to provide you with the best experience from the beginning to the end of the process and for many years to come as one of your trusted advisor in the mortgage industry
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Angela Calabra

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator - NMLS 381488

I have been in the mortgage industry since 2011. As an experienced Mortgage Loan Originator, I strive to get you the best possible mortgage with the best terms and lowest interest rate. Due to my creative thinking, experience and dependability, I rarely get loan denials. I work closely with processing, your realtor and your seller to ensure a timely, smooth and trouble-free closing.
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Yudelky (Judy) Castano

Unlimited Global Financing - NMLS# 1590389

As a professional in the industry since 2001  and as a Mortgage Loan Processor my main goal is to meet crucial deadlines requested.  Mortgage loan processing is the most important step in the mortgage loan approval process that decides whether or not the mortgage loan will be approved.  I love to work closely with borrowers and loan originators to ensure a positive client experience  Diligent, detail-oriented- thorough in gathering borrower information and treating clients with respect, compassion and love are my special ingredients to close your loan in a timely manner.  The passion to serve others is a must in my career.
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Zachary Taylor

Mortgage Loan Originator - NMLS# 1713363

Zach Taylor is a Mortgage Loan Officer here at Bluecastle Lending where he originates and manages a pipeline of residential mortgage loans for clients all over Florida. Zach has spent over thirteen years managing some of the country’s largest restaurant chains and moved into the mortgage industry through a desire in helping others sort through the difficulties that are sometimes associated in buying a home. Zach’s passion has allowed him to excel in the mortgage industry, helping clients reach their goal of owning a home. Born and raised here in Broward County, Zach enjoys both fresh and saltwater fishing as well as trying new foods from cultures all over the world.
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