Providing the Documents For Your Mortgage Loan

Nothing can be done on the file unless we receive all your loan documents, and underwriting decisions cannot be reached without a complete set of those documents. Delivering your documents in a timely manner is really important if closing on time is important to you.

Your very own borrower online portal is the safest and fastest way to deliver your documents. We will send you a link to it and you will be able to upload the documents with ease.

If you have documents that need to be scanned, you could search for and install a free scanner application on your phone, like Tiny Scanner or similar. You take the pictures of each page, it converts them to a pdf and groups the pages to form one document. From there you can upload to our portal or email them to yourself and then upload to our portal.  

Usually, the following documents are needed from each borrower:

1. Social Security Card
2. Driver’s license.

3. Paystubs – last thirty days worth of paystubs
4. Award letter if social security income, disability or pension income.
5. W2 – 2017
6. W2 – 2016
7. Tax return – 2017
8. Tax return – 2016

9. Bank Statements – last month.
10. Bank Statement – month prior to last
11. Retirement / Investment account – last quarterly statement.


12. Evidence of Withdrawal of Funds from your Account after the check or wire deposit was made.
13. Evidence of Receipt of Transfer of Funds if wire for the escrow deposit, copy of the canceled check if check
14. The executed contract between you and the seller.
15. Credit Card form to be filled in.
16. Hazard Insurance. Please shop as soon as you get the wind mitigation report from your inspector.