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We know that timing is crucial in the real estate market. With our program, you’ll experience a smooth and swift process, so you can seize opportunities when they arise.

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Our team of real estate and mortgage professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your investment goals.



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What happens if we fail to sell your house?

Our promise: We will sell your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of aggravation. Our guarantee: We will do so in 39 days or less, or we will pay your mortgage until your property gets sold! * What would you rather have, a promise, or a written guarantee?

We GUARANTEE the price your home will sell

We do not underprice a property to sell it faster. On the contrary, we are driven to sell it for what it is worth, and often for more! Every single closed sale in your neighborhood will be provided and compared to your house using real estate appraisal principles.

What happens if the property sells for less than the guaranteed price?

We financially compensate for failing to deliver the price we guaranteed * Get both guarantees for total peace of mind!

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We take care of the negotiation:

Going into a negotiation with someone who holds more knowledge than you do can be a daunting prospect. Whether you need to decide the price, the terms of the contract, or which offer to accept, your approach to the negotiation can dramatically affect your chances of success. How can you make the best case for what you want? You hire someone that has negotiated & sold over a billion dollars in real estate, and all of these problems go away. Alex Baglioni, the Broker/Owner of Bluecastle Lending, Realty & Title is such a person. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a mega-broker with over 20 years protecting your interests? We know, so you don’t have to. 

BlueCastle Lending, Realty & Title

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Many agents have good intentions, and some are very nice. But nice does not equate to paperwork proficiency, and mistakes can cost you thousands. When you work with Alex Baglioni, you have a top real estate Broker, and a Florida Licensed Title Agent. He is the Agent in Charge of Bluecastle Title & Escrow, and is trained to handle the most complex paperwork with skill and diligence.

BlueCastle Lending, Realty & Title

We take care of the financing:

Considering that most buyers will finance most transactions, this is a significant advantage for you. Real estate agents do not offer to finance; they find a buyer for your house and hope they can obtain financing so you and them can get paid. Alex Baglioni is the principal loan originator of Bluecastle Lending, a licensed mortgage banker. When making credit decisions is part of your daily obligations, knowing if the buyer for your house will likely close comes as second nature. Even more exciting is the fact that Bluecastle Lending can cover most of your buyer’s closing costs just to sell your house. See How it Works.

BlueCastle Lending, Realty & Title

We take care of the inspection issues:

Buyers consistently demand from the Seller to make repairs for their future home. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you would not have to perform any repairs? When you hire us, you will spend your time packing, not fixing the house for the next buyer. Get Started Now!

BlueCastle Lending, Realty & Title

We take care of the settlement:

You walk into an office where people in suits have serious faces, and you are expected to sign your life’s work away without having received a penny… closings can be very intimidating. Wouldn’t it be nicer to sign in our office with familiar friendly faces? Trust is a biggy for many people, and with us is a one-stop-shop. Don’t wait any longer – sign up with us now.

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No Upfront Fees

There is absolutely no fee payable upfront. Only if we sell your house for the agreed terms and price, we will be able to earn our living. Otherwise, it’s FREE! Get Started Now

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    * Restrictions apply. See listing agreement for details. Listing agreement prevails over marketing material.

    Cozy 3/2 $ 300,000.00 Español

    BlueCastle Lending, Realty & Title

    Acogedor 3/2 $ 300,000.00

    3 Hab. 2 Baños 3,434 Sq. Ft. Lote de 0.22 Acres

    Bienvenido a esta acogedora casa con piscina 3/2! Única, 3 habitaciones, 2 baños con piscina. El patio trasero está cercado y la piscina tiene mosquiteros. El hogar con plano de planta dividido incluye encimeras de granito renovadas y electrodomésticos de acero inoxidable con placa para salpicaduras de azulejos. Suelo de bambú en toda la vivienda. 

    Bluecastle Lending, Realty & Title vende bienes raíces en los condados de Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie y Miami-Dade, con sede en Broward. Con nuestro Programa de asistencia para costos de cierre, puede comprar esta casa con la mitad de los fondos que normalmente necesitará en otros bancos.

    Baños renovados. Techo, ventanas de impacto de huracanes y aire acondicionado nuevos en 2020. Lista para mudarse, los muebles son negociables.  ¡Ven a hacer de este tu nuevo hogar !

    En Bluecastle, nos preocupamos por sus necesidades y nos ocupamos de lograr sus objetivos inmobiliarios. Descubra si puede calificar para recibir hasta $ 15,000.00 con nuestro Programa de asistencia para costos de cierre . Somos realtors, lenders y la compañía de titulo, eso hace que sea muy fácil obtener respuestas y resolver los problemas que puedan surgir, mucho antes de que se conviertan en problemas. Regístrese en Bluecastle y obtenga un aviso exclusivo sobre las oportunidades en propiedades incluso antes de que entren en el mercado. Llámenos hoy al 954-727-5904 para ver esta propiedad y responder todas y cada una de las preguntas que pueda tener sobre la compra de una casa totalmente en español.

    Lea algunas de nuestras +100 reseñas de Google de 5 estrellas.

    Tuvimos una experiencia muy linda con Luis y Maria, muy profesionales y cariñosos, los recomiendo mucho.
    ¡La mejor experiencia de compra sin duda alguna! Sin Zach, Doug o el resto del equipo de Bluecastle, mi compra no habría sucedido. Su dedicación y conocimiento hicieron que todo este proceso se concretara. Muchas gracias a todos los que participaron. Por siempre agradecido. Mantente genial.
    Braedan Bates​
    Tuvimos una muy buena experiencia con la venta de nuestra casa adosada y la compra de nuestra casa. Hicimos ambas en 2 meses sin ningún problema. Para la venta Alex nos ayudó a obtener la mejor oferta y el mejor comprador rápidamente. Por la compra Luis nos mostró todas las casas que queríamos ver, y respondió cualquier pregunta que tuviéramos. ¡Todavía no puedo creer lo rápido que se hizo todo! BlueCastle Lending es una empresa en la que puede hacer todo y todo resulta excelente. ¡¡Gracias chicos!!
    Maria Pelegrin​
    Ningún préstamo de bluecastle de ciencia espacial en 3 años mejoró mi vida y estilo de vida dos veces. Mis bendiciones al Sr. Alex Baglioni y sus competidores y respetables asociados por una experiencia tan amable y maravillosa. Bendiciones para todos ustedes y sus familias.
    Anthony Lewis

    ¡¡¡LLAME AHORA!!!

    y obtenga hasta $ 15,000.00 para comprar su Casa! *

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