Bluecastle Lending is looking to hire honest individuals who share the company culture and values.

We strive to be an exemplary institution with a noble, worthy and vital reason to be in business. We provide affordable, lower than most banks interest rates and closing costs (we offer value), we do so with the utmost integrity, without lying or trickery, and we do not give up when clients don’t easily qualify. We have a passion for what we do, and we take it to the heart.

We are changing people’s lives one loan at the time by figuring out a way to give them a mortgage, and by saving them money month after month for the next 30 years. Without us, several hundred homeowners would still be renting or paying substantially more money in their mortgage every month. It is our duty to serve them honorably by helping them understand we are the better choice, being grateful and reliable when they realize it, and being relentless when pursuing the funding of their loan.

We are looking for individuals who are trustworthy, energetic, goal-driven, optimistic, self-reliant, inspiring to others, and compelled by a desire to prove their worth. Do your actions reveal the personality traits described above? If so, we invite you to apply. Place your mouse on the Careers tab to see the different positions we have available.