Qualify for More… Qualmore!

How do you achieve this? Qualmore is in development and it will be available Summer 2018. It will utilize all the tools mentioned on this page so you can have an immediate answer to your question… how do you qualify for more? Simply put, you increase your income, you reduce your debt, you put more money down, or a combination of all three. There is nothing else you can do.

  • Increase Your Income

Sounds beautiful. How? Ask for a raise! You will be surprised how many employers will reward their good employees! Alternatively, get a new job that pays you more. If in your new job you are a W2 employee with a higher base income than the one you have now, you will be on your way to qualifying for more. After running Instant PQ, note the results and use our EZ Qual tool and enter the new monthly amount to see how much you would qualify under the new income.

An alternative is to increase your qualifying income is to get a Cosigner. Use our Cosigner tool to know how much your Cosigner needs to make so you can qualify for the loan you want.

  • Decrease Your Debt

Another way to qualify for more is to reduce your debt. Run our Optimal Debt tool to figure out your perfect monthly debt amount so it does not decrease your qualifying power. You pay off those accounts with the excessive debt and it will increase your qualifying monthly power by the monthly amount the debt you paid off was.

For example, if you had a personal loan with a balance of $2,100.00 and a monthly payment of $240.00, if you were going to cancel the entire balance you would qualify for $240.00 extra per month as long as your monthly debt was higher than your Optimal Debt. Depending on a number of factors, eliminating the debt could represent between $35,000.00 and $45,000.00 in extra purchasing power.

  • Put More Money Down

When borrowers are unable to qualify for what they want, they immediately say they need to save more money so they could qualify for more. Although this is true, the number of funds they need to save far exceed the benefit they will receive from saving it.

Our Cost of Waiting tool demonstrates how much you can save week after week and compares it to how much real estate and interest rates increases over the same period of time.

But if you have your money in a 401K or 403b or other types of retirement account, it may be wise for you to use it to purchase what you want while you can. Real Estate has always outperformed investment and retirement accounts, and you can’t eat, shower and sleep inside your 401K but you can do all of that and more in your home. The ideal amount to put down is 20%.


The software is currently being developed by Bluecastle Lending. Coming Summer 2018.