Multiple Payment Calculator: How do I calculate the monthly payment of several properties at the same time?

Create the “Bluecastle Lending” custom export in Matrix. See FAQs “Multiple Payment Calculator: How do I create the custom export in Matrix?” to learn how to do this.

Do a search as you normally do in the MLS, and select all the records you want payments on.

Under the “Actions” tabs at the bottom of the screen, click on “Export“.  For the “Export file format:” select “Bluecastle Lending” and click “Export

Save the file in your computer, and email to your Bluecastle Lending loan officer specifying for which borrower the search is.

Receive the results in less than one business day. For our always referring clients realtors, you have access to the software 24 hrs/day free of charge. If you have access to our software Turboagent (R), continue:

On your left side menu, click “Borrower”. Please note that your client must be already approved and the Mortgage Loan Originator would have selected the approval checkbox and filled all the information in the profile section for this function to work.

Find your client, and click on the three little dots next to the green pencil on the right side of the screen, and select “Payments”.  Click on “Multiple Calculator”, and “Upload File” to Import. Click on “View”.

Enter at the top the maximum the client qualifies or wants to spend per month, whatever is lower. Click on “Select all items”, and then “CSV selected”. An excel file will be downloaded to your computer.

Open the excel, and copy all MLS numbers. Paste-on Matrix and see all the properties with the desired payment and cash to close.


Multiple Payment Calculator: How do I create the custom export in Matrix?

Login to Matrix, and go to “My Matrix”  tab and select “Settings

Scroll down to “Custom Exports” and “Add Export

On the yellow “Export Name” enter “Bluecastle Lending

Inside the Available Fields highlight any field and add the following fields in this order:

  • Find “ML#” Click Add.
  • Find “List Price” and click Add.
  • Find “Tax Amount” and click Add.
  • Find “Association Fee” and click Add.
  • Find “Association Fee Paid Per” and click Add.

Make the Separator a “Tab”. Then “Save” the Export template.