Real Estate Investors

  • Real Estate Investor Cash Flow Program: Mortgage Loan Solution for Real Estate Investors

No personal income used to qualify
Qualification based on property cash flow (10% above monthly mortgage payment)
2 years seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu
Credit scores down to 660
Up to 80% LTV
No DTI restrictions
Must have current mortgage / own a home
1-4 units and condos
No limit on number of properties financed (up to 5 with this program)
Loans up to $1 million
Seller concessions allowed up to 2%
7/1 ARM

  • Asset Qualifier Program: Mortgage Solution for Cash-Rich Borrowers

No employment, no income, no DTI
Up to 75% LTV
5 Years seasoning foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy
Loans up to $3 million (minimum loan $150,000)
Credit scores 700 or higher
Primary residence, purchase only
Interest only program available
5/1 ARM or 30-year fixed
Non-Warrantable condos considered
All assets must be sourced and seasoned for a minimum of 12 months
Required assets: Borrowers must have at least $500,000 in post-closing assets, recurring monthly debt multiplied by 60 months, funds to close and 6 months reserves