Alex Baglioni

I have been in the industry since 1997 and I am the Principal Loan Originator and Owner of Bluecastle Lending, Broker and Owner of Bluecastle Realty, and the Agent in Charge and Owner of Bluecastle Title. I work in conjunction with our Realtors and Mortgage Loan Originators to ensure we close our files, with over 95% application/funding ratio. My goal is for Bluecastle Lending to offer the lowest interest rates and settlement charges in the state, program and develop new software tools to aid borrowers and real estate agents get answers on the spot with the ultimate objective of delivering the best possible consumer, realtor, loan originator and loan processing experience.

Other than living and breathing mortgage financing, real estate, title and the programming of our software, I am married with 3 kids, and I enjoy my family,  boating, diving, and you can find me almost every weekend in the Florida Keys!

Angela Calabra

I have been in the mortgage industry since 2011. As an experienced Mortgage Loan Originator, I strive to get you the best possible mortgage with the best terms and lowest interest rate. Due to my creative thinking, experience and dependability, I rarely get loan denials. I work closely with processing, your realtor and your seller to ensure a timely, smooth and trouble-free closing.

Maria A. Camero

I am your real estate & finance expert with experience in real estate, mortgage origination, and mortgage processing. I am a skilled negotiator with a multicultural background, fluent in English and Spanish. My goal is to offer you the highest quality and most personalized service, with specific attention to your unique financial needs, while always developing the best possible investment alternatives to make your financial goal’s a reality.

Maria S. Baglioni

My job at Bluecastle is to make our Spanish speaking clients feel comfortable throughout the process of buying their new home, so that
the experience of buying their home is perfect. I am full of enthusiasm and energy, and I strongly believe in Teamwork to achieve the best possible results. Mi trabajo en Bluecastle es hacer que nuestros clientes de habla hispana se sientan comodos a traves de la compra de su nueva casa. Estoy llena de entusiasmo y energia positive, y creo muchisimo en los resultados de trabajo en equipo.

Bluecastle Realty – Luis E Gardes

Luis’ work ethic, honesty, and ability to speak fluent Spanish in combination with Bluecastle Lending programs for the consumer make this team and unstoppable force. Luis’ main job is to help the community cross the bridge from renting to homeownership, minimizing the risk of pitfalls, and achieving the goal with the least amount of obstacles. With the aid of Bluecastle Lending’s software,  financial aid programs, and Alex, delivering those goals seem like a walk in the park. Contact Luis for a smooth and easy walk to homeownership.

Bluecastle Realty – Douglas Mulford

Finding you the right home at an excellent price is my primary focus.  2019 has been my first year in real estate sales and the experience has been tremendous both improving my life and the lives of the people and families we help. In addition, I currently serve as a police officer in central Broward County and I served as an Army Officer making me the go-to liaison on our team for people transitioning from the military to civilian life or moving from out of the area.  Under the guidance of Alex Baglioni, our team leader and company owner there is no situation in which another real estate company or mortgage and title company have more experience.  Allow us the opportunity to work with you in the journey towards finding your true home, while simultaneously providing you the absolute best service.  We look forward to meeting you and providing our services. 

Bluecastle Realty – Cristina Soares

I am an experienced agent who is passionate about helping people to sell & buy real estate. Fluent in both English & Spanish, when you need help to find your dream home or a good investment, contact me.

Bluecastle Realty – Leandro Vazquez

My job at Bluecastle is to provide confidence and security to our Spanish speaking clients so that the experience of buying their home is as easy, fast, and efficiently as possible. I characterize myself for being patient and at the same time very active, always looking for our clients
feel comfortable with our company throughout the process of buying their new home.

Mi trabajo en Bluecastle Lending es brindar confianza y seguridad a nuestros clientes de habla hispana, para que la experiencia de la compra de la casa sea lo mas fácil, rápida y efficient posible. Me caracterizo por ser paciente y a la vez muy activo, buscando siempre que nuestros clients se sientan cómodos con nuestra compania en todo el proceso de compra de su nuevo hogar..