Save Thousands on Closing Costs in Florida!

Bluecastle Lending can help you achieve homeownership
with your FHA, VA or USDA loan! We offer programs designed
to make buying a home more affordable.

Here’s How You Save:

Receive as much as $14,000 in credits towards your settlement costs through Bluecastle Lending when you secure a loan with us. With this offer, you can avoid the typical 1% origination fee and be eligible for a credit of up to 3% of your loan amount if you have a good credit rating! 

Own Your Dream Home in Florida Without
Breaking the Bank

Buying a home in Florida, especially for first-time buyers, veterans, and active military personnel, and active military personnel, can be an exciting yet daunting process.  The initial financial hurdle of saving for a down payment and closing costs can feel overwhelming.  Here at Bluecastle Lending, we want to help turn your dream of homeownership into reality.  We offer a unique program specifically designed for Florida homebuyers to conquer closing costs, with a special heart towards veterans and active military seeking FHA, VA, or USDA loans.

How Much Money Do You Need Upfront to Buy a House in Florida?


0% Down Payment! These loans are great options if you don’t have a lot of money saved up for a down payment, but you have to be a veteran (VA loan) or buy in a rural area (USDA loan). 


You’ll need at least 3% of the purchase price as a down payment, and it usually works well if you have a 720 credit rating or better.


The minimum down payment is 3.5%.


Closing costs typically run around 5% of the purchase price.


Closing costs for these loans are usually higher, around 6% of the purchase price.


6% of the purchase price (since there’s no minimum down payment).


At least 8% of the purchase price (3% down payment + 5% closing costs).


Minimum of 9.5% of the purchase price (3.5% down payment + 6% closing costs).

First-Time Homebuyer Closing Cost Relief:
Unveiling Significant Closing Cost Savings

Imagine saving up to $10,000 on your closing costs! With Bluecastle Lending’s program, you can achieve this through credits plus the elimination of origination fees when you secure your FHA, VA, or USDA loan with us. You can qualify for a credit of up to 1.25% of your loan amount by having a good credit score! This translates to substantial savings, and that money can be used towards other aspects of your home purchase.

VA Loan Closing Cost Assistance. We Love Our Veterans!

At Bluecastle Lending, we recognize the immense sacrifices made by our veterans.  Our VA loan program caters to veterans’ needs, offering a loan with no down payment required combined with our Closing Cost Credit program, and our Buy Now FREE Refinance later offer. You’ll significantly minimize or have no out-of-pocket expenses at closing. This can make buying a home way cheaper than renting, where you must come up with first, last, and security deposits.

FHA Loan Closing Cost Credit. Maximize Savings.

Get help with closing costs when you qualify for an FHA loan with a 3.5% down payment. Use our closing cost credit program to save thousands on closing costs. Bluecastle Lending’s program allows you to leverage to maximize your overall savings.  This program helps bridge the gap between your dream home and your finances, making homeownership a more achievable goal.

One-Stop Shop for an Easy Florida Homebuying Journey

At Bluecastle Lending, we strive to simplify the home-buying process for our clients.  We offer a comprehensive suite of services under one roof, including realty, lending, and title services.  This eliminates the need to coordinate with multiple vendors, streamlining the entire experience.

Strategic Negotiations to Maximize Savings

Our experienced team can navigate negotiations with sellers to potentially combine our credits with seller credits.  This collaborative approach can further reduce your closing costs, putting more money back in your pocket. 

Program Disclaimer

This program is for FHA, VA and USDA loans only. Minimum credit score requirements apply. Credits cannot be given as cash. This program is not a Florida State Sponsored Closing Cost Assistance Program. Offer subject to borrower qualifying for the loan, and final underwriting approval.

Veterans Welcomed

 We understand the specific needs of veterans and strive to provide exceptional service throughout the homebuying process.

Disabled Veteran Support

We can help disabled veterans explore financing options that consider their unique circumstances, such as using their disability income to qualify and using their disability to waive their VA funding fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Closing Cost Credit Program? 

Real Estate buyers who purchase a home with Bluecastle Realty, finance with Bluecastle Lending, and close with Bluecastle Title are eligible for this promotion. The program only applies to FHA, VA, and USDA loans. It is subject to credit and underwriting approval.

How do I know if I qualify for the Closing Cost Credit Program?

We won’t know if you qualify until we submit the file and receive approval, but we usually know right away. We need a loan application, credit, and all the supporting loan documents.

Do I have to be a First Time Homebuyer to qualify for the Program?

No, you don’t. The program was initially created to assist First Time Homebuyers however, it was later extended to all homebuyers.

What is the income limit, or income requirement for the Closing Cost Assistance Program in Florida?

There is no income limit and no income requirement. This means that individuals from every income level can request assistance with the closing costs of their home purchase.
The program aims to help more people become homeowners by not having any income requirements.

Who pays the closing costs on an FHA loan? 

Buyers pay for their own loan closing costs. Like all loans, FHA, VA, and USDA loans also have closing costs. Although homebuyers are responsible for these costs, you might not have to cover them all on your own if you qualify for the Closing Cost Credit Program, or if we negotiate Seller Credits on your behalf.

Do I have to buy in a specific city or county for the Program?

No, you can buy anywhere in Florida.

I have my own realtor. Can I use that realtor and still get the Program?

This offer is available only to clients who close on the purchase of a property with Bluecastle Realty as the Buyer’s Agent using the ShowME function of our site for the property showings, finance that purchase with Bluecastle Lending as the Mortgage Broker, and close with Bluecastle Title and/or its assigns as the Title Company. If you elect to use your own non-Bluecastle realtor, we have other ways the help you save.

Do you have to pay the Credit Assistance back? 

No, you do not have to repay it back. This can help many worried about paying back a loan to a family member, returning a favor, or having a second mortgage like with the Florida Hometown Heroes or the Florida Assist Second Mortgage Programs.

Is this the Florida Hometown Heroes Program? 

No. The Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program assists frontline workers in purchasing homes at reduced financing costs. These include police officers, firefighters, teachers, healthcare workers, and childcare staff. You repay the money loaned from a second mortgage when you sell the home, move, or refinance the first mortgage. You have to return the money when one of these events occurs.
With our program, You do not have to repay the assistance.

Is this the Florida Assist Second Mortgage Program? 

No. Florida Housing offers eligible borrowers money for a down payment or closing costs with no interest. Florida Housing provides eligible borrowers with funds for a down payment or closing costs without charging any interest.
This funding gives you a second mortgage. You repay the money loaned from a second mortgage when you sell the home, move, or refinance the first mortgage. You have to return the money when one of these events occurs.

Are there any restrictions to sell the property?

No. Unlike other programs, you can sell right away without having to pay a cent back. However, the program is only for primary residences.

What is the absolute minimum money down I will need to buy a house?

The minimum amount of money you need is the money for the down payment for VA, FHA, and USDA loans.

Considering the Trade-Offs: Is the Closing Cost Assistance Program Right for You?

While the potential savings of up to $14,000 with Bluecastle Lending’s closing cost assistance program are undeniably attractive, it’s important to be aware of some potential drawbacks and weigh them against the benefits. Here’s a closer look at the considerations:

Limited Lender Availability

This program might not be readily available to most lenders. While Bluecastle Lending offers it, some competitors may not participate in similar programs. This could limit your options for shopping around for the most competitive mortgage rates.

Stricter Approval Process

The very few lenders that allow us to offer the closing cost credit program usually have more stringent qualification requirements. While Bluecastle Lending aims to streamline the process, be prepared for a potentially more thorough underwriting process.

Extended Closing Timelines

Due to the additional verification steps involved in approving borrowers for the closing cost credit program, the closing process might take longer than usual.  The standard closing period for a home purchase is typically around 30 days.  With this program, it could extend to 45 days.

Higher Interest Rate

Interest rates for this program might be slightly higher than other loan options. That’s why we offer the Buy Now, Refinance Later program! This program allows you to lock in a home today and refinance later when rates potentially go down. This way, you can leverage the benefits of the American financial system to save money in the long run, without putting additional strain on your savings.

Savings Potential:

Weigh the potential savings of up to $10,000 against the potential downsides. For some, this significant cost reduction might outweigh the additional steps involved.

Financial Strength:

If you have a strong credit score and a solid financial profile, you might be well-positioned to navigate the potentially stricter approval process.

Time Sensitivity:

If a quick closing is critical for your move-in timeline, the additional 15 days needed for the closing cost credit program might be a deal-breaker.

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