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At InstantPQ, we revolutionize property shopping by providing you with real and accurate financial insights. Powered by Bluecastle Lending, Realty & Title, our free software transforms your property browsing experience, ensuring you make informed decisions from the start.

Unlock the True Cost of Every Property

InstantPQ goes beyond the surface. While browsing on Zillow and, gain access to real and accurate financial data, empowering you to determine your true interest in a property.

Discover Your Actual Monthly Payment

Say goodbye to generic payment estimates. InstantPQ calculates your unique monthly payment, covering principal, interest, taxes, property insurance, mortgage insurance, and association fees – giving you the full picture.

Know Your Total Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Avoid surprises at closing. InstantPQ provides an accurate estimate of cash needed, usually within $1,500.00 of final closing numbers. Know your down payment, closing costs, and every expense upfront.

Evaluate Your Loan Options in Seconds

InstantPQ empowers you with a quick overview of all available loan options. Compare various products instantly – more money down, less money down, buying points, and more – to find the best fit for your circumstances.

What our clients say:

Gina Brown
Fort Lauderdale

“Transparent. No hidden costs, no surprises.”

Nicole Harris
Boca Raton

“Bluecastle has completely transformed my property search experience. No more wasted time looking at properties out of my financial reach or making offers on homes that I can’t afford. It makes the home-buying process not just efficient but more stress-free. It’s a game-changer.”

Marc Phillips
West Palm Beach

 “By seeing the payments and the options before even visiting a particular property, I’ve saved countless frustrating hours and made thousands of dollars in paycheck income that otherwise would have been gone looking at properties that I could not afford. I don’t ever want to buy another home without it.”

Ben Edwards
Coconut Creek

“The ability to evaluate all my loan options in seconds is nothing short of amazing. InstantPQ presents loan options tailored to my specific case and the property I’m considering, allowing me to compare various loan types, like more money down or less money down. It’s like having a mortgage advisor at my disposal.”

John Rodríguez

“This has been a game-changer for someone like me with a modest income. Time is a precious commodity, and before, I would spend hours leaving work and going to see listings only to find out later that properties were way beyond my budget. It makes the most out of my limited resources.”

Nick Moore
Port Saint Lucie

“Efficiency at its best! Knowing how much we truly needed upfront saved us time and made the process stress-free.”

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